SBI Kiosk Banking

SBI Kiosk Banking

NICT provides best SBI kiosk banking service near your area. Kiosk online SBI is a valuable concept and mostly developed for rural areas in India where a small number of banks are and people can't contact the bank to use their services. The SBI kiosks will provide all the basic services of banking. SBI which has the vast branch network in the country requests suited singles, companies and other entities to team up with us to take banking to all.

SBI Kiosk Banking outlet can give end to end capabilities with the action of account opening or any online transaction and there are banks who also give kiosk online sbi banking at comfort. The customer can freely open an account in the bank and manage from any of the nearest SBI Kiosk Banking outlets itself in a trouble free way. There are many other advantages of having kiosk online banking, but these are generally for the more educated lot to approach all services at their fingertips.


1.Account opening -

Your shop can turn into a sbi kiosk banking service for accounts opening and you can earn a nice amount of commission on each new account.

2.Banking -

Customers can deposit and withdraw money in their account with kiosk online banking outlets and you will get charged on each transaction.

3.Money transfer -

Money transfer facility for any sbi account and any time with kiosk online banking becomes easy and you can earn a charge on each transaction.

4.Loan and Repayments -

SBI kiosk offer low amount loan services like loan lead generation, repayments and home loans with normal documentation.

Any single person, company above the age of 18 years can become or open SBI kiosk banking near your area by passing an easy screening test process given by SBI banks. Get SBI kiosk Registration now to become a SBI kiosk service provider.

How to Partner with SBI Kiosk Banking?

Firstly CSC (common services center) & SPC saarc payment council) will register to SCA (service center agency) as Sub BC (business correspondent) and VLE (Village Level Entrepreneurs) can be CSP (Customer Service Point) as per contract with SBI for this facility. This facility and partnership is available for all common services center retail offices with internet facility. Village Level Entrepreneurs can register for this facility through a service center agency.

Make money on opening a New Account, each and every Cash Deposit & Cash Withdrawal, Money Transfer and Loans or any services of the bank. For More information about opening new kiosk banking branches please Contact us.

Become SBI kiosk banking agent and start your business now!

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