Bank Mitra CSP?

We at Bank mitra csp provide no frill saving account, cash deposit & withdrawals, cash transfer, fixed deposit, PPF and many other banking services.

Bank Mitra CSC

Bank mitra csc is authorized to provide CC service like KCC (kisan credit card) to farmers and GCC (general purpose credit card) to account holders.

SBI Kiosk Banking

We SBI kiosk banking is authorized to give retail loans like personal loan, business loan, home loan and many more to clients with less documents.


Bank Mitra CSP is the representative of the bank who gives branch-less banking services to the common man. We are business correspondent (BC) and technology service provider to State Bank of India (SBI). Bank mitra csp will receive a fixed salary of INR 5000 whether of the bank and branch.


The RBI approves banks to occupy companies and non banking companies to provide financial services along the csc bank mitra service. CSC banking mitra can make a minimum of Rs. 3000 per month, per CSP. Bank mitra CSC are providing health, banking, telemedicine, NREGA and many other services.

SBI Kiosk

Kiosk online SBI is a valuable concept and mostly developed for rural areas in India where a small number of banks are and people can't contact the bank to use their services. The SBI kiosks will provide all the basic services of banking and give end to end capabilities of account opening.

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