Bank Mitra CSC

Bank Mitra CSC

The RBI approves banks to occupy companies and non banking companies to provide financial services along the csc bank mitra service. Also, the RBI approves banks to employ the (CSC) Common Service Centres' agents/ Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLE) as BCs. The bank mitra cscs’ goal is to give a viable digital approach to make e-governance services for the needs of rural communities.

Your nearest csc bank mitra are providing multiple services which cover Caste, Income, Domicile, Birth, Death certificates, Health services, NREGA services, Banking & insurance services, Telemedicine and e-learning. The csc bank mitra scheme is being applied by a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. CSC banking mitra linked with disbursement of rural Government scheme avails and salary, a BC can make a minimum of Rs. 3000 per month, per CSP.


1.Account opening and csp-

Csc bank mitra service allowed to open new bank accounts of customers and also handle csp points near your area.

2.Banking -

Bank mitra csc provides no frill saving account, cash deposit & withdrawals, money transfer, fix deposit and many other banking services.

3.KCC and GCC -

Bank mitra csc is allowed to provide KCC (kisan credit card) to farmers and GCC (general purpose credit card) to account holders.

4.Loan facility -

CSC bank mitra is authorized to give retail loans like personal loan, business loan, home loan and many more loans to customers.

Passing IIBF exam is compulsory to become a csc bank mitra. Also keep an IIBF certificate at the shop. Registered as Bank Mitra below CSC Banking Portal and receive IIBF Certificate by passing Bank Mitra Exam under IIBF.

CSC SPV as a corporate Banking Correspondent has fined contracts with 42 Banks (Public Sector Banks, Regional Rural Bank and Private Sector Banks) allowing CSCs to become (BCA) Banking Correspondent Agents / Customer service points (CSP) that provides types banking and financial services in a number of States over the India. CSC SPV is also helping the State Designated Agencies in States to actively assist these projects, thereby improving the viability of these projects.

Also as per a letter published by Department of Financial Services (DFS) to Banks about Financial Inclusion Strategy and Guidelines, it was openly said that "In order to ensure convergence and to assist viability of BC, it would be necessary that in the villages to be covered, wherever a CSC exists, the CSC is made a BC." Therefore, in view of the benefits that the CSCs love to their location, availability and proximity of ICT infrastructure, it is best to provide financial services in rural India.

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